Answering the top 8 questions

patients want answers to before starting TMS therapy.


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  • What are the side effects of TMS?

    TMS therapy is a well-tolerated treatment for most patients, although some patients will notice mild side effects. While infrequent, the most common ones are localized headaches and dizziness that typically go away just after treatment.

  • How long is an individual sessions and how many are required?

    At NeuroHealth, a typical TMS session lasts less than 24 minutes. The sessions continue for five days a week over a few weeks. Occasionally, a two-week tapering period may follow consisting of just a few sessions a week.

  • Is TMS Safe?

    Yes. TMS is an FDA-approved treatment, which means it’s safe to administer to patients. It’s also non-invasive and most of the time it is pain-free.

  • Is TMS effective? What are some results?

    Many TMS patients experience an increase in mood, energy, and appetite, while also experiencing a reduction in anxiety. 83% of people experience significant improvement, and 62% achieve complete remission from their depression.